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Let us help you make your investments grow.

CRA Financial, LLC is a comprehensive wealth management firm whose primary objective is to assist you in accumulating and preserving your family’s wealth.

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Investment Planning

Portfolio development and management through asset allocation and securities diversification.
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Retirement Planning

Creation of goal-oriented, financial planning strategies to help assure worry-free retirement years.
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Tax Planning

Utilization of specific, technical knowledge of the federal and state tax codes as background for planning to optimize tax efficiency.

Insurance Planning

Development of a comprehensive insurance plan to protect your family from severe financial loss and ensure that they are adequately protected; includes, but is not limited to, life, disability, and long-term care insurance.

Education Planning

Estimation of potential future costs of education, especially college tuition savings, the exploration of alternatives, and the implementation of various financial strategies for funding to achieve your specific goals.
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Estate Planning

Formulation of a combination of financial strategies in concert with your legal counsel, including trusts, life insurance, and gifting to reduce the taxability of your estate, preserve family wealth, and facilitate business continuity.
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Concierge Services

A specialized service that caters to uniquely successful individuals and their families, such as lottery winners and professional athletes. Providing customized strategies for wealth growth, capital preservation, cash flow management, budgeting, business consulting, insurance protection, tax advisory, forecasting and many other services to protect and grow net worth.

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3rd Quarter 2020 Review

3rd Quarter 2020 Review

Overview When we meet with clients some are shocked to see how quickly the stock market rebounded and rallied to new highs given the ongoing global pandemic. With many businesses still shut down and the unemployment rate just under 8% it is clear that the economy is...

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Mid-Year Review 2020

Mid-Year Review 2020

Overview The US capital markets rebounded sharply during Q2 as the Federal Reserve and Congress supported risk assets to combat the sharp economic disruption caused by Covid-19 through the implementation of a myriad of programs, including rate cuts, enhanced...

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1st Quarter 2020 Review

1st Quarter 2020 Review

1st Quarter Review : In the first quarter of 2020, we saw the 11-year bull market come to an end as the spread of COVID-19 wreaked havoc on all the capital markets around the world. Massive swings in asset prices were seen with stock volatility hitting an all-time...

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2019: Year in Review

2019: Year in Review

Markets: The year 2019 was by all measures a great year for investors, although few people predicted the kind of returns that both the stock and bond market produced.  We began the year with the market pundits worrying about trade issues and the possibility of global...

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3rd Quarter 2019 Review

3rd Quarter 2019 Review

Overview With political news dominating the headlines, the U.K. set to “Brexit” in October, and tensions rising in Iran, there appears to be no shortage of external risks for investors both domestic and abroad. Nonetheless, low interest rates, unemployment, and strong...

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